Spiritual Retreat for Yoga and Meditation
in Italy

Service & Community

Morning Meeting...Imagine a community of people who know how to cooperate joyfully together, with kindness in their hearts for one another, and for all those whom their lives touch.
Imagine a community where the leadership is supportive, not bossy; where the emphasis in leadership is on serving, not on ruling.
Imagine a city where, when someone needs help, everyone freely and lovingly joins in helping him.
Imagine a city where human values are given first importance, and where the desire for joy and harmony and love are looked upon as needs every bit as practical as material considerations.
Imagine a place where self-improvement is not approached with tension or with an attitude of guilt, but joyfully, serenely, with the understanding that neither guilt nor tension ever helped a tree to grow.
Imagine a place where people’s hearts are simple, without selfish motive; where the residents sincerely love truth and God, and strive to see God equally in all mankind…
Cities of Light, Swami Kriyananda

Have you ever wished to experience Ananda more completely? To enter into the heart of the community and feel its pulse? To practice the spiritual discipline of karma yoga for a longer period of time? To share this experience with people from around the world and from many cultures, united together for spiritual enlightenment?

If these are your desires, we invite you to participate to the Community Living Programs, and have an experience which will influence your life and spiritual growth for years to come.

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