Spiritual Retreat for Yoga and Meditation
in Italy

Holidays and Events

Sacred and Joyful Celebrations

Easter Altar Holy days at Ananda are sacred and joyful occasions for self-transformation and community sharing, with an East-West atmosphere that emphasizes the unity of all spiritual paths.

Christmas at Ananda

The Joy of Inner Communion - Including the Annual 8-Hour Christmas Meditation
The Divine Mother - How to Channel Her Love

New Years at Ananda

Steps of Light - Reflections 2013 - New Vision for 2014

Easter at Ananda

Mystical Easter - Inner Transformation and Opening to the Christ Consciousness

More Events

The Way of the Pilgrim - Nayaswami Order Retreat
"Finding Happiness" Symposium - Anniversary of Swami Kriyananda's Birthday
Anniversary of Swami Kriyananda's Discipleship - Celebration of a Life Dedicated to God and Guru

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