Spiritual Retreat for Yoga and Meditation
in Italy

Wellness & SelfHealing

Spiritual Self-Healing lotusThere is a point within us where we are in perfect balance and harmony: with ourselves, with our environment, and with the universe. When we achieve that balance point, our whole life comes into focus, and we can live with ease and enjoyment. The Self-Healing Programs are dedicated to helping people find that center, using the ancient techniques which are part of the science of yoga, and which were taught by the great master, Paramhansa Yogananda, as a gift to humanity.

Beginners weekend

Awaken Your Inner Divine Mother - Flower Essences to Help the Feminine Principle Blossom in You

Beginners 5-day

Recharge! - How to Fill Yourself With Cosmic Life Force
Vibratory Healing - Self-healing Through Affirmations, Prayer, Mantra, Chanting, and Music
Inner Freedom - Free Yourself from the Habits which Block Your Happiness and Success
Help for Those Who Help Others - How To Serve Others and Keep Your Own Health and Inner Peace
The Art of Balanced Living - Harmonizing Your Material Duties with Your Spiritual Dharma

Advanced 5-day programs


Spirit-in-Nature Essences - Advanced Practitioner Training: Level 1
Spirit-in-Nature Essences - Advanced Practitioner Training: Level 2
Spirit-in-Nature Essences - Advanced Practitioner Training: Level 3
The Taste of Joy - "Happy Food": Continue your Journey to Happiness

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