Spiritual Retreat for Yoga and Meditation
in Italy

Practical Spirituality

Spiritual Solutions for Daily Life

Make inner freedom your primary goal in life. See every binding desire or attachment as a rope tying your balloon of consciousness to the ground. Sever those ropes, and exclaim vigorously with each slash, “You can hold me no longer! My place is high in the sky, soaring over seas and continents on breezes of pure bliss.” – Living Wisely, Living Well,  Swami Kriyananda

These “specialized” courses will give you the tools to understand yourself better and improve your life in all its aspects: your attitudes and thoughts, all your relationships, your spiritual growth and material success.

Our Programs

Spiritual Counseling - Advice for Those Who Give Advice
Intuitive Intelligence - How to Awaken and Use Your Superconscious Mind
Balanced Living - Harmonizing Your Material Duties with Your Spiritual Dharma
Finding Happiness - How To Be Happy All the Time

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