Swami Kriyananda's Last Will

Dear friends of Ananda,

As many of you know, about five months ago, on April 21st 2013, Swami Kriyananda left the body, if on the one hand we were saddened by its disappearance from our physical world, on the other hand we felt deeply happy for his freedom in God! Swamiji left to Ananda and the world a rich legacy of spiritual treasures, including Ananda communities spread over three continents. We know that many of you have been touched by the visits to these communities and all of you have been blessed in some way by the books, the music, the satsang, the teachings and the many aspects that make up this vast heritage. Our hearts and our souls will be forever grateful for the priceless gift of the life of Swamiji as a direct disciple of the great avatar, Paramhansa Yogananda.

Swamiji has left us a document, written in 2005, entitled" Last Will, Testament, and spiritual legacy of Swami Kriyananda", in it Swami appoints as his successor Jyotish Novak, he disposes of his very few possessions and emphasizes the guide lines of his main work: Ananda communities. It is a very inspiring document and we'd like to share with you some quotes:


  • "I request that in all decisions by the executors, the following considerations be prioritized in the order listed:

                a) compassion, not legal considerations;

                b) service to the ideals and mission of my Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda"

  • The criteria to identify the people who will be responsible at Ananda "(...) should always be these: devotion, selfless service of others, impersonal dedication to truth and to justice, and attunement to the will of God as it has been expressed through the spiritual ray manifested in the founding of Ananda."
  • "For the appointment of Ananda's ministers, the primary qualifications are that they be men and women of deep and sincere devotion, of humility, of attunement to the spiritual ray expressed through Ananda, and that they manifest impersonal love for others, an intuitive feeling I define primarily as love for the divine spark that exists in everyone—that soul which aspires eternally toward unity with God."


If you wish to view the entire document please click here.

With this letter we want to assure you that Ananda Europe will continue to keep alive the inspiration, the spiritual practices, the teachings and will practice the way of life transmitted by Paramhansa Yogananda and Swamji. We invite you to come and see for yourself the dynamic manifestation of the dream of Yogananda, put into manifestation by Swami Kriyananda of the World Brotherhood Colonies; Ananda Europe here in our community near Assisi, with about 150 residents devotees, is in continuous development .

Of course, Ananda is a far-reaching work, in 2014 we will celebrate 30 years in Europe! In a sense, these years have gone by very quickly, and if we look at what has been necessary here to realize the dream of Paramhansa Yogananda, we see that the energy of many years and many hands were indispensable to create Ananda Europe as we see it today. Currently, in 10 European countries there are about 50 Ananda meditation groups, of which 34 in Italy alone. Thanks to all this, thousands of people are inspired every day by these teachings!

This letter is also a fundraising appeal to all of you who appreciated our efforts in these years. Swami Kriyananda has often said that Divine Mother knows which of her children on this Earth wish to support her work with concrete donations of time, energy and finances, but that they may do so only if they know the works that need their help. We therefore decided to directly involve you in maintaining and expanding the rich spiritual heritage that has changed the lives of so many people. Imagine that if each one of you on the mailing list of Ananda, gave just € 10, we will have the opportunity to deal with many projects, including creating and maintaining the Seva Kutir (the residence of Swamiji in Ananda Assisi), which is becoming a place of pilgrimage for all those who knew Swamiji and also for those who have never met him (there will be regular times when the house of Swamiji will be open for visits and for meditation).

For thirty years now Ananda Association is supporting the expansion of the community in its many projects: Ananda Editions ( we'd like to help publish the latest books of Swamiji ), the school project "Education for Life", the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness, the agricultural project "Terre di Luce" (Lands of Light) and much more. The most recent has been dedicated to the creation of Ananda Federation - which represents and co-ordinates all our community realities - and, in particular, the creation of a web portal to make visible and understandable each project and show the direction of growth of the entire community.

As you can see the commitment of Ananda Association occurs on a range of fronts, of course we will be pleased if any of you can make a larger donation to help in the expansion of Ananda, but we do rely on the "many hands" who can give them only 10 EUR suggested. Thank you very much for what you feel inspired to donate: every drop will help create the vision of Master, which is not limited only to Ananda as a physical place but to "Ananda" as part of the soul which includes all of you. Our main concern is always directed to you all as perfect spiritual beings, to help you live in joy and harmony ever more perfect so that you too can help other people achieve those ideals. As Swamiji says at the end of the movie "Finding Happiness" (soon on the European screens!) to the journalist Juliet: "Don't live to be unhappy; live to be happy....And tell them (your readers) that I love them."

With love and gratitude
Kirtani Stickney
Spiritual director of Ananda Assisi


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